The Awakening of our Consciousness – 21.12.2012

( Inspired from the book ” The Dawn of the Sixth Sun ” from Sergio Magana )

Creation, therefore movement………movement therefore creation is constantly, incessantly happening.


Sowing, blossoming, growing, decaying, dying……..sowing, blossoming, growing, decaying, dying…….

An never ending dance of becoming……

An never ending dance of transformation, moving closer to who we are, aligning ourselves to ourselves and the universe, moving away, misaligning ourselves from ourselves and the universe, tiding, an infinite ebb and flow.

We are co-creative creatures, as part of the immense power of the universe, we are giving birth to each instant, to each breath of life, to each movement and dance that manifests and will ever manifest.

It is the dream that creates the physical reality, and because of this we need to learn to dream.

All the visible is born from the invisible.

All matter is manifestation of a thought.

All that we treasure within is shaping our life. Our ideas, our convictions, our dreams, our fears, our hopes, our inner images are forming our world in all the nuances and savors.

It is time to conquer ourselves, it is time to journey towards the conquest of our will, while mind and body must learn to cooperate in activating and releasing inner impulses and dissolving inhibition, to free our inner consciousness from the dark cave where we have been confined it and allow it to be our truth inspiration and guide.

It is time to “ determine ”.

To determine is to consciously create, it’s to give a clear direction to our movement and allow the creative process to find its flow.

It is time to startle us awake, to become consciously aware of our part in the creation, of our relation with what is not-physical, to be able to fully be in the physical.

We are living a time where the gap between what is physical and what it is not is becoming a subtle line; movement and creation are sharing the same “ instant ”.

We are invited to be in the now, to appreciate being awake in the present moment.

We must learn to listen in order to hear, we must learn to allow in order to be in vibrational synchronization with the Whole that we are “ becoming ”, we must learn to appreciate in order to vibrate closer and closer to our real self.

Listening, allowing, appreciating are our instruments in the art of aligning, aligning with ourselves and with the universe.

To listen is to open ourselves to our being in relation.

We are always in relation.

Whole, everything is in constant relation-ship, arranging and rearranging itself, being an active part of our now experience. Everything we perceive or notice or know is because of our relationship with something else.

Without the other and the experience that the becoming aware of the relation is offering us, we would be unable to perceive or focus any kind of understanding within ourself. Being in relation defines our existence. Therefore, it is accurate to say that without relationships we would not exist.

To listen is to explore, to explore the self through our existence in relation.

And from the listening an enhanced appreciation of our planet, our body, our mind, our family, our friends, our enemies, our government, ourselves……..

According to the guardians of the Toltec tradition of the Mesoamerica, we are living in a period of transition, the transition between the Fifth and the Sixth Sun ( the word Sun means a period of cosmic time, an cycle ).

In 1991, while the characteristics of the Fifth Sun were still dominating, the Sixth Sun entered the scene, starting to gather strength in 2003.

On December 2012 the two Suns will have equal power, whereas from 2021 onwards a period of thousands of years will commence, during which humankind will be under the sole dominion of the Sixth Sun.

The shift of influence of the Fifth to the Sixth represents a huge step forward for the evolution of global consciousness.

In the Old Cycle, the laws of humankind were dictated by human beings, whereas in the New Cycle, it will be nature that dictates its term to us, and human beings, will be forced to adapt their way of life to some deep environmental changes as much as inner changes.

We have the choice to be the victims of this transformation or, by using the instruments of listening, allowing, determination and appreciation, we can harmoniously move with the movement of the entire universe.

With the Fifth Sun our old way of being will die and we will be forced to change.

What we are living now it is the extraordinary period in which our star is reborn.

The Fifth Sun is the sun of justice, that on an individual level creates the destructive patterns of our waking state, causing huge personal crisis.

It is the sun of justice that forces us to transformation, the sun of luminosity, of the day energy and It drove humankind to look externally for everything that is visible in the illusion of the day.

The Sixth Sun, “ White Sun” invites our gaze to move inward.

It is ruled by the darkness. The night and its forces, the dream realm, the unknown, will be the governing forces and therefore the gaze of humans will be turned inward.

The Sixth Sun, supported by the spirit of the Moon ( and her exerted influence over the dream and unconscious world , over our shadow world ) will force people to know their own “ underworld” and to sort out their unconscious issues.

The Sixth Sun will see human being becoming conscious of their co-creative power, of their influence in the creative process. It will see us stepping away from the role of simply spectators.

Those who are courageously willing to “ listen “ and to “ give permission ” and to “ determine ” would therefore learn how to modify their surrounding reality, by means of their consciousness.

Number six represents the unification of the power of energy.

The prophecy says that “ the energy will rise up as a snake that passes through all our energy centers; the snake will transform itself into a sacred bird and will fly upwards, causing our awakening; in the Sixth Sun who knows how to transform their luminous energy into vitality and beauty, thus making the snake rise up to the point to transforming itself into an hummingbird or an eagle, is capable of flying up to the purest form of consciousness of the Sun and the subtle worlds.”

The winter solstice , when the sun metaphorically born as a bird, is seen as the initiation of this renewal process.

To allow the transformation, we need to allow the cleansing process of our shadow to occur.

The shadow energy can either give us everything or take everything away from us, it is either an enemy or a personal friend, either the unconscious or the underworld, and can either lead us to blossoming or to our destruction.

The Toltec believe that the cleansing process can begin either each night or at any dark moon.

Those who choose to go along with the change that affects both the universe and its four columns ( the four directions ) will be able to see their creative thoughts and dreams materialize with much greater ease, and will live through a period of highly impressive evolution and transformation.

On the 21st of December 2012 the alignment of some of the heavenly bodies ( stars ) in the universe and the earth, will move into a straight line, giving rise to the momentary disappearing of time.

Few seconds of absence of time, few second of perfect unity between the visible and the invisible.

( this process started slowly in 1991 and will reach its peak in 2012 ).

This is why we are already experiencing events much more rapidly than ever before: the distance between thinking and manifestation is disappearing, and a new world is being created where anything constructive or destructive tends to appear much more rapidly.

I’m writing you, my dear friends, to share my love, to invite you to energetically share this time of renewal.

I’m writing you to give and ask support in the courageous journey towards ourselves.

I’m writing you to share my trust in the receiving quality of mother earth, offering us, now more then ever, the possibility to let go of our old patterns.

I’m writing you, because we share the same heart, because we share the same dream: be free in the now of the present moment.

I’m writing you to invite you to co-create our reality, with determination and appreciation.

I’m writing you to thank you for being such an mazing mirror for my entire existence.

Let’s be one, let’s free our inner voice, now.

There is not first, there is no after, but just now, perceiving and experiencing the self in the movement of being alive.

I wish to ask us to come together tomorrow, or I can better say, to experience out togetherness.

I wish that we all could find a moment to be in silence, to listen to ourselves and to how we are in relation with all that exist.

I wish to ask us to give a present to ourselves and to the universe tomorrow, maybe with a dream or a thought, maybe with some powerful food we wish to offer, maybe with a dance, maybe with our stillness, maybe by lighting a candle, maybe by appreciating a moment of joy, maybe…….

Till tomorrow…….


When Is The Best Time To Take My Supplements? – Dr. Benjamin Snider, ND

More people are turning to Natural Health Products (NHP) for both the treatment and prevention of their health concerns. NHP can be vitamins, minerals, herbs,or homeopathics. This trend has arisen because of an growing dissatisfaction with conventional treatments and a movement emphasizing self care. Facilitating this paradigm shift are news outlets and the internet who have provided easy access to the latest health research. Every day we hear about reports on vitamin D, vitamin K, probiotics, or vitamin B12 and google has become the first source of information for people who are seeking an alternative treatment to prescription medications. In increasing numbers, people are starting to feel that there are more effective ways to heal and support their bodies and the idea of disease prevention is becoming more accepted.
With this trend toward self prescribing and the fact that most NHP are over-the-counter medications the likelihood that these products will be incorrectly administered rises– both with the type of product and also with how that product is taken. This article is written to help educate people on the ideal time to take your NHPs in order to maximize the benefit and minimize any adverse reactions.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has identified times of the day when each individual organ system has the most energy and is functioning optimally. In TCM there are a total of 14 meridians that travel just under the skin – these meridians or lines of energy are responsible to nourish the areas of the body they travel through. For example, the heart meridian runs from the middle of the armpit along the inside of the arm, through the elbow, ending at the tip of the 5th finger. Ten of these meridians relate specifically to a particular organ system. Through the 24 hour day, each meridian and the corresponding organ will have a 2 hour time period when the energy is highest. This means that there is a 2 hour period of time when it is most beneficial to ingest a supplement and it depends on what organ system you are trying to support. This information is highly practical but rarely do people apply it to administering their supplements.

Stomach 7 -9 am
Spleen 9 -11 am
Heart 11 -1 pm
Small Intestine 1 -3 pm
Bladder 3 -5 pm
Kidneys 5 -7 pm
Pericardium 7 -9 pm
Triple Warmer 9 -11 pm
Gall Bladder 11 -1 am
Liver 1 -3 am
Lung 3 -5 am
Large Intestine 5 -7 am

The first question you have to ask yourself when applying this system is what is the purpose of taking this supplement? Am I taking it to support digestion? Am I taking it to treat a bladder infection? Am I trying to strengthen my cardiovascular system? Here is a description of each organ system and a general look at symptoms that may be present if this organ is out of balance.
7 – 9 am – This is the time when the stomach organ is most active. The stomach is primarily involved with digestion of food. If you are taking NHP for acid reflux, an ulcer, hydrochloric acid deficiency, sinusitis, bad breath, hiccups, or forehead headaches this is an excellent time to ingest those supplements. Additionally, your stomach will be best suited for breaking down food as the clock turns seven – so this is an ideal time to have your breakfast.
9-11 am – The spleen is primarily responsible for the extraction of energy from our food by separating the usable and unusable energy from our meal. It then takes this refined energy and transports it to other organ systems. If you are having tiredness, abdominal pain, dry painful lips, diarrhea, constipation, wheezing, edema (swelling), sinusitis due to a spleen imbalance you may benefit from taking your supplements during this time frame.
11 am – 1 pm – The heart meridian is most energized at this time of the day. Congestive heart failure, cardiovascular fatigue, valve dysfunctions, edema, chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, cold hands and feet, dream disturbed sleep are all symptoms that may be best treated during this time.
1 – 3 pm – This time is related to the small intestine. The small intestine is responsible for further separating fluids. Take NHP during this time for IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, a duodenal ulcer, constipation, abdominal pain, or diarrhea.
3 – 5 pm – This is the time when the urinary bladder is most active. The bladder’s function is simple – it is to store and excrete urine. If you are treating a urinary infection, yeast infection, occipital headaches, urinary incontinence or frequency dose the supplements between these hours.
5 – 7 pm – The kidney meridian is most energized during this time of the day. If you are taking NHP for incontinence, painful urination, low back pain, dizziness, tinnitus, bed wetting, asthma, fatigue, occipital headaches, premature greying of the hair, hearing impairment, fertility, sexual difficulties then this may be the best time for you to take your supplements.
11 pm – 1 am – This is the time of the day when the gall bladder is most active. The gallbladder is responsible for storing and excreting bile. When the gallbladder is out of balance you may experience itching, palpitations, chest pain, nausea, right-sided rib pain, dark or green stool just to name a few.
1 – 3 am – This is the time related to the liver organ. When the liver is imbalanced you may experience sighing, nausea, abdominal distention, poor appetite, diarrhea, depression, moodiness, breast tenderness, irregular menstruation. It’s unlikely that you will be awake during these hours. It is therefore advised that you work with a naturopathic doctor to decide when the best time of the day is to take your liver supplements.
3 – 5 am – The large intestine is most active between these hours. The large intestine is responsible for transforming stool and reabsorbing usable fluid. Like the liver time, it is not practical to take supplements during this time.
Please keep in mind that this system does not apply to every case. This is a general guide to help maximize the benefit of NHP. There will be times when it is important to take a NHP outside of a particular organ time. This is why it is important to consult a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who can help identify what your specific body needs to heal and how to properly administer the right NHP. An ND will also be able to help you identify which organ is the root problem to your health concern.
This information can also be helpful for determining the best times to eat or sleep and also for becoming more in tune with the messages of your body. Over the next number of weeks pay attention to how you feel and start to relate it to the meridian/organ time. Many times the meridian times can give valuable information about why we are waking up at a certain time through the night or why our energy is the lowest the same time every day. Our body is always talking to us so use these meridian times to listen to what it has to say.

Dr. Benjamin Snider, ND f. 519.514.9980
doctor of naturopathic medicine 275 Lancaster St. W Kitchener N2H 4V2

The Hummingbird’s Symbolism

” The bird of the impossible”, a teeny tiny bird that, even though its wings are so small that flying should be aerodynamically impossible, can fly, gifting us with the concept that all difficulties can be overcame. We have the strength and power to withstand everything is met along the path of life.

The fluttering wings of the Hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.

It seems tireless, always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, hovering over flowers, drinking from them, reminding us to savour each moment, each instant, reminding us to delight ourselves with the beauty of creation, appreciating being alive.  Which  is the source of our joy? Is our happiness found within, or do we seek it outside?

The Hummingbird teaches us the medicinal properties of plants and how to work with the energy of flowers to heal ourselves and others.

Amazing migratory birds, some Hummingbirds are known to wing their way as far as 3.000 kilometers to reach their destination, telling us, with this quality, to be persistent in the pursuit of our dreams, and adopt tenacity in our lives.

It teaches us courage, to fight in a way where no one gets hurt. Having the courage to refrain from creating new trauma by communicating non-violently toward ourselves and others is an important part of healing.

The only bird able to fly backwards, the Hummingbird guides us back to our past, showing us that we must not dwell on it and that we need to move joyfully forward, showing us the power of discipline and will-power, the ability to do anything we wish in our lives. It  teaches us fierce independence. Recovering lost parts of ourselves enables us to become healthily independent.

The hummingbird has powerful spiritual significance. In the Andes of South America the Hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection. It seems to die on cold nights, but comes back to life again at sunrise.

The Toltec’s tradition from Mesoamerica prophesies that with the advent of the Sixth Sun “The energy will rise up as a snake that passes through all our energy centers, the snake will transform itself into a sacred bird, into a Hummingbird and will fly upwards, causing our awakening; in the Sixth Sun, who knows how to transform his/her luminous energy into vitality and beauty, thus making the snake rise up to the point to transforming itself into a Hummingbird or an Eagle, is capable of flying up to the purest form of consciousness.”

The deepest message the Hummingbirds is gifting us with is that the sweetest nectar is within.

The Role of the Teacher

We, human beings, manipulate ourselves in accord to models that the society is offering us, with the intent to feel integration, to experience acceptance, to feel unity. Fear is dominating our own life choices and behaviours, we experience weakness being easily plagiarized, forcing ourselves into conforming and becoming, causing a strong experience of “being invaded”.

The teacher is a facilitator and as facilitator, he/she is offering support to the letting go of the form to allow the essence to unfold, offering support to the letting go of the outer structures to invite the real self to emerge.

As a teacher we must offer an experience of no plagiarism, we must offer a fertile terrain for seeding the faculty of conscious, of deliberate being.

“ To give permission…..”, to invite to be who we are, to allow transformation to happen at its own pace, to free the will through conscious awareness of the self.

Softening, melting and allowing the amazing opening that comes with it, delicately removing frictions and hostility, offering natural directional energies pathways, inviting the shifting of the awareness, suggesting, with it, the existence of infinite possibilities.

Listening with no judgement to give permission to our higher self to be unleashed and becoming consciously aware creates space for being responsible for ourselves.

We are the creator, we are our own voice, we are not any more the voice of someone else, just think about the power that comes with it. Acceptance, unity with higher universal forces and real integration, a harmonious and coordinated whole.

Our Inner Truth

The attempt to suppress our impulses creates unresolved traumas.

If we look at it in terms of movement, an energy is moving from the core towards the outside, expanding, searching for expression and release, while another is compressing towards the inside, blocking the movement.

This inner tension, that is created between the two forces determines a split that breaks our energetic unity.

To integrate these traumas means to allow the locked impulses to find realization.

This process of “liberation” is experienced as an expansion.

When we let go of the idea of finding satisfaction outside of us and we realize that we are free beings able to respond to ourselves and to life with spontaneity and honesty, without any conditioning caused from preconceived ideas, we become sensitive towards our inner voice.

Freedom from self-repression.

A conflict is released: between what a natural impulse is asking us to do and what we think we must do.

Real freedom comes by saying yes to ourselves. When we don’t have prefixed answers, but we flexibly move based on our inner “yes”.