Allow the unfolding of infinite possibilities; dance your own dance; find your core to emanate your freedom.

Stefania offers workshops and private sessions.

The price for a workshop varies based on duration, location and other factors that might have influence on it.

For private sessions:

Intake – 1 and 1/2 h. –  euro 80.00

Following sessions – 1h. – euro 60.00

If you buy a packet of 10 sessions you get 5% discount.

Stefania’s class creates a space for self consciousness, stimulating internal knowing and understanding.

Space is given to growth, to increase awareness and integration on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The focus is on kinesthetic awareness, giving attention to the             “ listening ”, listening to ourselves, the space and the connections.

Being proactive in the action of perceiving and responding.

The intention is to allow the physical self to move effortlessly and efficiently through connecting to its many parts, to the floor and to the space to form a formidable whole.

Through guided imagery, partner studies and voice and breathing work, a state of presence is enhanced, allowing old patterns to be recognized and released and to allow the unknown self to manifest, stimulating connectivity and freedom in movement.

The class prepares to be inventive and responsive to every need and situations, stimulating awareness of our dynamic state and of the constant motion of rearranging relation-ships with ourselves, the others and the whole universe.

Who are we in our bodies?

How do our bodies function in movement and stillness as part of a great system?


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