Open Source Forms (OSF)

Guided by the philosophy that the source of wisdom and creativity is available in each of us, OSF is a self-propelling, self-empowering technique that through the dancing body is journeying us through the experiential experience of the infinite layers of the self.

The individual is approached as a psycho-physical system of energy able to experience itself only in a dynamic context, in terms of movement and transformation.

Alignment is seen in constant flux, as a multi-directional balancing, not related to a specific part of the body, but to multi-gravitational fields.

OSF offers a method to access depth, specificity, effortlessness, flexibility and freedom in movement and in vocal practice.

Through the use of poetic images, and its power to offer kinaesthetic experiences, we are guided into a wholeness state of deep consciousness. Here our own “dance” would emerge, revealing a whole new range of possibilities, a whole new range of expressibility and creativity.

Through tactile exchange, in couples or in groups, we practice letting go of what is familiar, to open to a new experience of perception, to the unknown, where the letting go of bones and tissues is embodying “the dying” of preconceive ideas, judgements and expectations, to simultaneously allow a “reborn” into novelty, into a whole new being.

Through the action of listening and allowing we support the unfolding of our own process through the seasons of change, through disorientation and reintegration……

The “delicacy” of the class creates an environment most conductive for growth and transformation, where the individual can find trust in himself and in the universal forces.


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