Born in Italy, in Palermo on the 27.09.1970, after years of travelling through Europe, Stefania is now based in The Netherlands.

Her educational choices were and are mainly guided from her interest in the physical self and its ability to express, communicate, connect and manifest deeper layers of the self, in daily life as much as on an artistic, creative and imaginative journey.

Trained as a ballet dancer, in 1989, she graduated from the “ Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma “ in Italy.

In 1994, she certified as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, focusing her studies on the way energy moves throughout the self and its developmental pathways.

Moving to North Europe, she met the inspirational work of artists as Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, Lily Kiara, Eva Karczag among others, deepening her skills in modern dance, improvisation and physical theatre.

Stefania’s need to keep integrating creative and healing processes lead her to the study of the Alexander Technique and the martial art of Chi Kung.

The encounter with SRT in 2003 invited her into a different approach to movement, and through the kinaesthetic experience of it, to a new way to relate to the self and the universal forces.

Seeding the interest in creating space for individual empowering processes by freeing the voice and the physical self, through gently releasing old patterns and through the allowing of the unknown, she landed into Open Source Forms, a technique that has its roots deep into SRT.

Since 2012, Stefania is a certified OSF teacher. Stefania is the only OSF certified teacher in Europe.

In 2010, she started her journey to become a Bach Flowers Registered Practitioner. She is currently training.

To deepen her sensitive ability to consciously read the connection between the mind, the physical self and the soul, Stefania has been studying Bio-resonance Therapy and has widened her knowledge of the body and learned to stimulate and support our own ability to heal. She is now a Certified Bio-resonance Therapist. (

Since 2015 she is studying Expressive Art Therapy and Family Constellations.


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